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What are the different quilting catagories?


Pantograph/All-over/ Edge to Edge  - This style of quilting is very popular and cost effective.  It consists of a repeating design over the entire quilt top, from one edge to the other. It is a good choice when the fabric chosen to make the quilt is very busy and the quilting is not really going to show, it is just adding texture and holds the back, batting and quilt top together. 


Custom quilting - usually consists of quilting different designs in the border, blocks and sashing. Can include techniques such as stitching-in-the-ditch, feathers, separate border treatments, crosshatching, background fills, etc.   This is a good choice when the quilting can be seen. When very busy fabric is used to make the quilt and therefore the quilting will not show up, then an all over quilting design is usually better for that type of quilt. Custom Quilting


Custom quilting on appliqué top -  different quilting designs are usually done in the border, sashing and blocks. Additionally, custom applique usually consists of stitching around the applique and depending upon the size of the applique, stitching inside the applique. Some type of texture is quilted in the background.