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Let Me Quilt It

Traci Richter 817/648-8930
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Let Me Quilt It


Traci Richter – 817/648-8930 


Price List effective - January 2017

Formula for calculating quilting charge is:

 length of quilt (times) width of quilt (times) price per sq inch.  (examples listed below)


Quilting Service


Price per Square Inch


Definition of Quilting Service

*Edge to Edge - 


Class I




Simple edge to edge design across whole quilt.  


 * See Pattern Design Page

*Edge to Edge – Class II



Medium edge to edge design across whole quilt.


 * See Pattern Design Page



*Edge to Edge – Class III



Complex edge to edge design across whole quilt.


 * See Pattern Design Page

Custom Quilting



No longer offered



Individual artistic block design, sashing and border design, stitch in the ditch, outline quilting, echo quilting, feathers.  Includes one separate border design. 






Edge to Edge in middle with

1-2 Extra Borders


.03 square inch

Edge to Edge Design with 1-2 borders

quilting at this rate.



$.10 per linear inch


$.25 per linear inch

Straight edge only, machine sewn onto FRONT ONLY.  You provide binding strips and do the sewing on the back.


Straight edge only, machine sewn onto FRONT AND BACK.  You provide binding strips.




Preparation Work

$10.00 per task


If necessary: includes ironing, repairing a seam, 

one seam back, trimming after quilted.




Thread Charge

per quilt



$6.00 for solid colored,

$10.00 for variegated or specialty threads (no metallic threads)


May vary for large complex or custom quilts


You can provide your own batting, or buy one of the following:


Hobbs 80/20 Natural



$6.00 per yard



96” wide


Hobbs 80/20 Bleached/White



$6.25 per yard



108” wide


Prices are subject to change without notice.

Additional charges may apply, depending on complexity of quilt.


Minimum Charge for Quilting is $40.00 (maybe waived for multiple quilts) 

Texas residents will be charged 8.25% sales tax.


Please Call or Email for further information, a quote, or an appointment. 

Refer to Preparing Quilt page for directions before quilt drop off.


I accept Cash, Checks, or Money Orders only –

I do not accept credit or debit cards.


The decision to accept any quilting order is at the sole discretion of Traci Richter.  

Payment in full is due before quilt is returned.



Quilt Size



Class 1

0.015 per sq. in


Class 2 
0.0175 per sq. in





    Class 3

0.020 per sq in

Crib 45"X60"  (2700”)




Twin 68"X90"  (6120”)




Full 80"X90" (7200”)




Queen 90"X96" (8640”)




The formula for calculating your quilting charge is Length of Quilt times Width of Quilt times price per sq inch.  Plus any additional charges, ie batting, thread, additional services and sales tax.


**Binding – Price Examples – size approximate****(Rounded up)


Perimeter Inch

.10 (sewed to 1 side)

Machine Binding


68 X 90 = 316



80 X 90 = 340



90 X 96 =372